I have known Volker for a long time; he is, in character, an honest, hard working and always helpful man. With his experience and knowledge as a horse person, he creates a good understanding between rider and horse.

Volker Brommann

Volker believes horses should not always be "stuck" in the dressage arena.

He has done a great job in helping translate for me (during symposiums) and always communicates the right ideas to the riders.

Klaus Balkenhol
Olympic Gold Medalist
World Equestrian Games Gold Medalist
Coach of the United States Dressage Team

I have worked with Volker Brommann many times over the years and find him a very talented rider. He schools his horses with a calm, positive training philosophy and he gets along with many types of horses. I always see successful results with both his students and the horses he has in training.

Steffen Peters
Olympic Bronze Medalist

Volker is a patient and kind trainer. He makes you feel comfortable. He has brought me to the FEI/CDI levels in less than two years and, as an amateur, I am competing successfully against the professionals.

Volker Riding Usilvo (x Ferro) in Concord, MA

Volker riding Usilvo (x Ferro) in Concord, MA. (Photo: Brigitte Voelk)

Charlotte Jorst
CDS Intermediare 1 and PSG Champion 2007
USDF PSG Champion 2007
USDF Intermediare 1 Reserve Champion 2007
National High Point: Danish Warmblood Association

Volker is an instructor of the highest level. He is a top notch rider and trainer and has a sharp eye and a sensitive feel. He has a special talent for helping his riders progress and form an essential partnership with their horse. He comes from the finest background and takes no short cuts.

Priscilla Endicott
Author of “Taking Up the Reins”
FEI rider
An original founder of The New England Dressage Association

I have known Volker for many years; he is a superb horseman, and a talented rider. I would recommend him most highly to anyone looking for a dedicated, kind, gifted and knowledgeable coach or trainer.

A gentle moment of relaxation and reward.

A gentle moment of relaxation and reward. (Photo: J. Stanley Edwards)

Sue Blinks
Olympic Bronze Medalist
World Equestrian Games Silver Medalist

I observed Volker with Klaus Balkenhol during a demonstration at the USDF awards event in Los Angeles 2 years ago. Now, after 2 years of continuing clinics with Volker, I have come to realize what a “gold mine” we have.

Volker has an immediate sense of the horse. He then, systematically, showed me how to be a leader with a willing dance partner, all the while talking to me and describing what I should feel, drawing me in to express this feeling through my horse. None of it is forced, threatening, over-faced, or punishing. The movements are made better by different exercises and by proper timing.

Volker, I thank you, and my horse definitely thanks you, for this intimate language and for the connection that my horse and I enjoy together.

Kathy Ramirez
4th Level amateur rider
Fairfield, California

Volker Brommann is a brilliant trainer and rider who also loves horses. I have hosted clinics and ridden with him for three years in Northern California and there has never been one single moment in our clinics when he did not immediately identify what a horse's or rider’s problem was and know exactly how to fix it. He recognizes that every horse or rider is an individual requiring a unique approach to find the correct solution.

Communication and understanding.

Quiet communication and understanding. (Photo: J. Stanley Edwards)

There are no cookie cutters or quick fixes in Volker’s method. From the first time he sees you ride, he devises a plan in his mind of how you and your horse need to learn the basics of dressage or particular movements and then moves you on that path. Often I hear riders say “But the book says…” and Volker will say, “But your horse did not read that book!”

He combines the German tradition of precision and discipline with subtlety and nuance and a genuine love of horses. He reads the minds of horses and transforms them right before your eyes. He has a calm and direct manner and uses clear simple terms to teach you – and your horse - how to put it all together. On top of all this, he has a wonderful sense of humor! I just started competing at 3rd Level this year and am loving every minute of it.

Karin Caves

Volker has an amazing way of breaking down complicated upper level movements into simple steps. This approach has allowed me and my horse to learn these movements without tension and perform them with confidence. My horse Hazen was very hot when he was showing at the lower levels. With Volker's quiet approach, Hazen now takes all of the training and showing in stride, even though the work at the FEI levels demands so much more from him physically and mentally.

I have a young horse that has lots of physical ability but not a lot of patience or attention span. Working with Volker, we'll develop this horse's natural gifts while letting his mental capacity mature. He'll be a grown up horse before he knows it!

Elizabeth Coffey-Curle